Sigi Arnejo‚Äč

Hello my friend, 

It is with gratitude that I have been called to the healing arts. 
I grew up knowing I wanted to help people. My mom was a nurse so caring for folks was what I saw.  Her affection for unconditional compassion is what I grew up with.  Helping her put bandaids on my cousins "Booboo's", wrapping a sprained ankle, and fixing birds wings were comforting for me. 
Knowing that I was aiding in the healing process made me feel right. 
When my mom died my life went into a tailspin. It was an injury that I couldn't fix.  I felt lost, alone, and fell into a deep depression. I really didn't know what to do, so I turned my focus inward to myself for guidance. 
It was the best thing I ever did. I went to a grief group after a few months after my moms death. The energy, and compassion in the room resonated with me so much that I turned my attention to grief and bereavement. 
I now facilitate grief groups, develop creative healing workshops, and provide private sessions. 
My life coach practice is now totally committed to helping those in mourning as a Bereavement Specialist.
Through coaching and Reiki I am now serving the San Francisco Bay Area .